Our Club House & Gift Shop

Our Club House is well stocked with everything a golfer needs for a good game of golf. We have a great selection of golf supplies.

We have an inventory of golf shirts for men, women & children branded with our logo.

Edgewater Hilltop Golf Proshop

Food and Beverages

Coming into our Club House is like visitng a favourite relatives home for a good home cooked meal! We prepare fresh soups and sandwiches daily. We barbeque our burgers on a real BBQ and we have the best fries in town or you can try one of our tossed or caesar salads.

And for dessert, have a slice of pie! Yes, our famous pies are known far and wide - Baked fresh daily. Many of the contain rhubarb and rhubarb and apples are grown organically on site.

We have a covered deck where golfers can enjoy our great food and the beautiful scenery

We have the best fries in town!